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Specialized Epic Carbon Comp 26 2011

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The Epic is fastest mountain bike in the world, with a World Championship and a string of World Cup victories to prove it.
With a XC World Championship to its name and complete bike weights as low as 21.5 pounds (S-Works), the Epic® is the lightest, most efficient and fastest performance cross-country bike available. An integrated approach to the design of all its critical components, along with an enhanced AFR inertia rear shock and Specialized/FOX Shox Mini Brain® damper, will no doubt make a full suspension convert out of any competition- hungry rider..

  • Super light FACT IS 9m carbon 26-specific frame with M5 alloy rear triangle and sealed cartridge bearing pivots delivers strength, rigidity, and suppleness to create an uncompromising 100mm-travel Competitive XC bike
  • Specialized and Fox blend their brains to develop the FlowControl Mini Brain shock with Brain Fade inertia valve, air spring, and adjustable rebound for World Cup - and local trail - domination
  • RockShox Reba RLT  fork with 100mm travel, rebound/compression adjust, and Floodgate control allows this 26 to soak up rocks like no other
  • S-Works The Captain 26 x 2.0" front and S-Works Renegade 26 x 2.0" rear 2Bliss Ready dual compound tires work together to deliver exceptional speed and traction, while minimizing rotating weight
  • Custom SRAM S-1250 10-speed XC double crankset for with GXP spindle and alloy arms for smooth, efficient power transfer
  • SRAM's venerable X.9 mid-cage rear derailleur is super tough and light, yet delivers pinpoint shifts in the worst conditions


Specialized Epic Carbon Comp 26 2011 cannot be sold online. Please contact Chain Reaction to purchase this product.

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Specialized Epic Comp Carbon 26 2011 LARGE$4,699.00
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Tested: Shimano XTR Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur
An innovative one-way clutch that eliminates chain slap and dropped chains makes this the best derailleur we’ve ever ridden.
ByRon Koch
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Shimano’s Shadow Plus XTR rear derailleur has been the biggest product revelation I’ve experienced in 2011 and truly makes riding better. Shimano took its XTR Shadow rear derailleur and added a one-way friction clutch that only engages when the derailleur’s cage moves forward, which typically (and frequently) happens when the bike rolls over rough terrain. The device practically eliminates slap and, because it keeps the chain under tension, it also limits the chance of a chain dropping off the chainrings.

A gold-anodized “stabilizer switch” turns the clutch off to ease wheel removal and installation. And all it takes is riding with that switch off to realize just how effective the Shadow Plus is on the trail. The new derailleur is so quite that other noise—the whirring of a chain or the crunching of dirt under tires—suddenly become noticeable. Not only is clatter reduced, but I’ve experienced exactly one dropped chain since installing the Shadow Plus three months ago. That’s astounding: Normally, if I am not using a chainguide, I would drop my chain about once a ride.

The derailleur is adjustable too. Under the cover hides a small wrench that tightens or loosens the friction band, which is connected to the P-knuckle. After a couple of months of riding I felt compelled to snug the tension band’s adjustment bolt–there seems to be a break-in period after which the tension stabilizes. All the pieces of the Shadow Plus mechanism are replaceable if worn out. Shimano, however, says it has yet to sell any because the derailleurs have not been in the field long enough to break. Time will tell how long these derailleurs will withstand repeated abuse, but so far nothing indicates they won’t survive as well as traditional XTR models.

Shimano's XTR Shadow Plus is literally a clutch performer—a one-way mechanism eliminates chain slap and dropped chain.
Shimano's XTR Shadow Plus is literally a clutch performer—a one-way mechanism eliminates chain slap and dropped chain.

 There are a few tradeoffs, however. Shifting, for one, feels heavier at the lever—gone is Shimano’s acclaimed light-action feel. This only occurs when moving up the cassette using the large thumb paddle—shifting down the cassette still feels light and easy. The tighter the bolt is on the friction band, the heavier the shift-feel. I tightened the bolt until the shift felt too heavy and then backed it off a touch. Shimano’s torque specification for the adjustment bolt ranges from 3.5 to 5.4 Nm (30 to 47 in. lbs.). I seemed to like it right around 4.5 to 5 Nm.

I’ve heard some riders claim that the derailleur can affect suspension performance, especially on bikes with extreme chain growth. While the theory is plausible, I’ve never felt it.

The Shadow Plus is also heavier than the traditional version, but not by much. While a standard XTR model weighs 176 grams, the Plus tips the scales at 208 grams. Even top XC racers, however, believe the small weight penalty is nothing compared to the potential gains, especially since it practically eliminates dropped chains. At the U.S. National Championships earlier this year, Adam Craig even borrowed the Shadow Plus off his Super-D bike to use during the short-track race. Shimano has said that part orders for next year’s team bikes indicate that many more XC riders will be rocking the Shadow Plus in 2012. That reminds me—it works just as well on hardtails as it does on full suspension models.

The only other downside is the product’s cost. The clutch-equipped Shadow Plus is currently only available on the XTR derailleur, which costs $250. Shimano has not confirmed that the technology will trickle down to more affordable product lines, like the XT or SLX, but given the advantages, it seems inevitable, especially since SRAM is rumored to be working on a similar version.

Despite the cost, and the small weight penalty, the XTR Shadow Plus is, in my view, the greatest innovation of 2011. Like other innovative products—suspension forks, clipless pedals and dropper posts—there’s no going back once you try it.

Pro Mountain Bike Ultra-Endurance Tour Set for 2012

Pua Mataorado Springs, Colorado (Dec, 23, 2011) - Amerika Serikat mengumumkan Jumat Bersepeda tanggal dan lokasi untuk Amerika Serikat 2012 Bersepeda Sepeda Gunung Pro Ultra-Ketahanan Tour (Pro UET).
Para UET Pro mengakui pesaing terbaik dalam 6-jam, 24-jam, maraton dan ultra-marathon gunung kompetisi sepeda di seluruh negeri.
Kalender dimulai pada tanggal 10 Maret dengan Kota Spa 6 jam Ras Mountain Bike di Hot Springs, Arkansas, sebelum membuat dua berhenti berturut-turut di California.Pemberhentian pertama di California adalah di Danau Morena untuk Sagebrush Safari 50 pada 20 Mei sebelum melanjutkan dengan Big Bear 50 di Big Bear Lake pada 3 Juni.Tanggal kedua dari belakang kalender adalah 30 Juni untuk Grinder Galena Whit Henry Memorial di Galena Lodge, Idaho, yang akan berfungsi sebagai kickoff ke USA 2012 Sepeda Bersepeda Gunung Cross-Country Nasional Championships di Ketchum, Idaho, dari 5-8 Juli. Para UET Pro menyimpulkan pada tanggal 21 Juli dengan 12 Jam Snowmass di Snowmass, Colorado
Pada tahun 2011, Manuel Prado (Huntington Beach, California / Tim Sho-udara) menduduki klasemen sementara pria Pua Mata (Huntington Beach, California / Tim Sho-udara) memenangkan tiga dari empat kejadian ke atas klasemen perempuan.
10 Maret - Spa Kota 6 jam Mountain Bike Race - Hot Springs, Arkansas20 Mei - Sagebrush Safari 50 - Danau Morena, California3 Juni - Big Bear 50 - Big Bear Lake, California30 Juni - Galena Grinder Whit Henry Memorial - Galena Lodge, Idaho21-12 Juli Jam Snowmass - Snowmass, Colorado
USA Bersepeda sebelumnya mengumumkan tanggal dan tempat untuk Amerika Serikat 2012 Sepeda Bersepeda Pro Tour Gunung Cross-Country (Pro XCT).Visitwww.USACycling.org / prouet untuk lebih.
Tentang Bersepeda Serikat Pro Tour Mountain Bike Ultra Ketahanan (Pro UET)
Dibuat pada tahun 2011 untuk secara konsisten memberikan atlet kelas dunia dengan arena kompetitif di tanah Amerika, Amerika Serikat Mountain Bike Bersepeda Pro Ultra Ketahanan Wisata (Pro UET) mengakui atlet profesional terbaik bersaing tanah AS dengan menggunakan sistem sepanjang musim peringkat untuk mengidentifikasikeseluruhan laki-laki dan perempuan seri pemimpin untuk kategori Pro / Solo pada 6-jam, acara sepeda 24-jam, maraton, dan ultra-marathon gunung di seluruh negeri. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang UET Pro, klik di sini. Diakui oleh Komite Olimpiade Amerika Serikat dan Uni Cycliste Internationale, USA Bersepeda adalah badan resmi untuk semua disiplin bersepeda kompetitif di Amerika Serikat, termasuk jalan, track, sepeda gunung, BMX, dan cyclo-lintas.
Sumber: Andrea Smith, Amerika Serikat Bersepeda